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Head Basketball is a new game made by D&D Dream and it is similar to Head Soccer but in basketball mode. There are currently 19 unique avatars you can unlock and play as.

In Head Soccer, the 67th character is Madagascar and to unlock him, you have to download Head Basketball to unlock Madagascar in Head Soccer.

Characters Edit

  1. Taemin (South Korea)
  2. Hayato (Japan)
  3. Alfredo (Spain)
  4. Harish (India)
  5. Jacob (Canada)
  6. Tyler (Australia)
  7. Julia (Brazil)
  8. Lucas (Argentina)
  9. Jeremy (USA)
  10. Linlin (China)
  11. Mark (Russia)
  12. William (United Kingdom)
  13. Leonardo (Italy)
  14. Jeanne (France)
  15. Jerome (Germany)
  16. Alom (Mexico)
  17. Savika (Thailand)
  18. Vukasin (Serbia)
  19. Ukrit (Indonesia)